Working in the world of beauty requires us to pay attention to the humanitarian and social sides of life, as they make up the core of our business. Our set of rules and solid philosophy can be summed up into attention to public health, investment in our youth and raising the level our community’s vitality and activity.

Watches and jewelries are the first step towards a life full of excitement, adventure and vitality. As the best investment for any country is in its youth, we take upon ourselves many initiatives that aim to broaden their activities, develop their hobbies and raise their level of public safety awareness.

Like many other companies that support sports activities, First Jewelry has been investing in the field of youth sports by supporting the Karting Championship from 2008 until now, in addition to sponsoring the Fencing Union. General manager of the company, Engineer Mohamed Ahmed Al-Tayeb recently stated that the company decided to invest in these sports despite the lack of media and public attention to them, and despite the fact that they have no financial return, in line with the company’s social responsibility towards youth welfare and their determination to keep this sport alive as it is considered the oldest sport in our Arab-Islamic heritage and serves to strengthen our youth’s bodies and develop their minds and reflexes.

Engineer Mohamed Al-Tayeb also praised the union for its clear vision and long term plans under the management of Sami Al-Bakr. In addition to the great results the union has accomplished in international competitions and in focusing on various age groups in order to develop the game in all regions of the Kingdom, one of our aims is to support the Saudi Duelling team so it can participate in the 2020 Olympic Games in Japan.

Accordingly, the Saudi Fencing Federation, represented by the Chairman of the Union’s resources committee, signed a sponsorship contract with First Jewelry, allowing the company to become the first sponsor of all the Saudi Duelling Team’s international competitions in 2015.
It is worth mentioning that the number of Duelling practitioners has reached more than 500 players in different grades.

In addition, and in accordance with our social responsibility, the company has been financially supporting ADD, ADHD and breast cancer associations because mothers are the most precious in the world. And although the word “mom” has few letters in it, it encompasses the biggest meanings of love, giving, tenderness and sacrifice; inexhaustible rivers that never tire of flowing with endless tenderness, they are our sanctuaries in the face of all the worries in the world.

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