About Us


First Jewelry started its business in the city of Riyadh in 1419 Hijri, 1998 AD. It began by selling a number of deluxe brands to the Saudi market, and soon became the sole agent of numerous major jewelries and watches brands in the central and western regions, such as Patek Philippe, Breitling, etc. A new phase followed when the second generation took over and began expanding the company’s brand portfolio, all the while maintaining its excellent relationships with its clients; based on mutual trust and respect.

Today, First Jewelry offers its services through its branches in Riyadh, Jeddah and soon in other cities in the Kingdom; God willing.

Our Vision

The success of our company depends on our constant search for fresh sources of beauty in the world of Jewelries and watches. We work hard to improve the level of our services and products in order to maintain our status as one of the most leading companies that offer the finest and most gorgeous designs and brands.

Our Message

In accordance with the principles of the world of beauty, we harness all our skills and experience to offer you the most inspired and innovative products and services, and always strive to provide the local market with the latest design trends as soon as they emerge.

Our Values

Trust, loyalty, Integrity and innovation


At First Jewelry, we depend on a professional and experienced team of managers, executives and salesmen who thrive within a healthy environment that inspires them to work with a burning passion, starting with the General Manager, and reaching throughout the company to all its employees. Our managing team is always travelling throughout the world, searching for the latest designs trend in order to guarantee customer satisfaction by offering them unprecedented services.

We work as a family brought together by a passion for exquisite jewelries and watches and by similar principles and solid values; a fact which sets us as an example for fair participation and an ideal institutional climate.


Riyadh Showroom

  • Olaya st. Al Rossais center
  • +966 (11) 460 28 01 / +966 (11) 460 28 02

Jeddah Showroom

  • Tahlia st. Jeddah Mall
  • +966 (12) 660 36 44

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